Spanish property lawyer facing punishment for expat fraud

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Jose Luis Garcia Maseda (photo

A Spanish property lawyer accused of defrauding up to 200 expatriate clients is facing justice in the Mediterranean country.  Jose Luis Garcia Maseda, 69, is being questioned by police alongside eleven associates over an alleged fraud that resulted in millions of Euros being taken from a large number of clients, many of whom are British.

The case highlights how important it is for Brits to use a reputable and high quality Spanish property lawyer when buying a flat, villa or apartment in Spain.

Arrest follows a lengthy investigation into activities of Spanish property lawyer

The arrest of Mr Maseda comes after a lengthy investigation that began in 2009.  The investigation began after a joint action involving dozens of expats across the Spanish region of Andalucia.  Over 45 victims have now joined forces in order to take the Spanish property lawyer to court pursuing a total claim now in excess of 1.4 million Euros.

However, lawyers in Spain believe that Maseda could have defrauded up to two hundred clients.

Lawyer Juan Carlos Carrasco García is leading the case against Maseda on behalf of 25 clients.  He said: “This is the culmination of years of hard work and is great news.

“It is an important case in the fight against the corruption that exists on the Costa del Sol.”

The 69 year old appeared at Torremolinos court in May and pleaded not guilty.  Maseda told the court that his struggling finances were a result of the current global financial crisis.  However, according to lawyer Carrasco, five associated of Maseda have confirmed that the lawyer purchased houses and possessions that are held in their names.

The case highlights the importance of appointing a well-known, reputable and reliable Spanish property lawyer when entering into a property transaction in Spain. Spanish Property Lawyers

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