Spanish Low Property Prices Extends To Golf Resorts

  • 13 years ago
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Property in Spain has always been attractive to the British and now with Spanish property prices at an all time low even Golf Resort property is available at exceptionally low prices.


Examples of brand new homes that are available at prices that would not buy you a studio apartment in the UK are in abundance. At one established 18-hole course in Murcia, completed key-ready two bedroom homes are available for just 50,000 euros, that’s less than 43,000 pounds. Surely this is Europe’s cheapest golf resort?


Chris Mercer, Director of Murcia-based estate agents, Mercers, which has been on the ground in Camposol for 14 years, comments, “When I tell people that they can buy a two bedroom home with roof terrace for 50,000 euros or a detached villa with swimming pool for 125,000 euros, they are genuinely astonished. These are neither brand new nor off-plan, there is no waiting period or additional list of costly extras from swimming pools to air-conditioning, landscaping to furniture. Instead these properties are in an established golfing community with a vast range of on-site amenities at your disposal. Folk should literally be queuing up.” More at


The Spanish Government, Developers and Banks are drawing a common strategy in an attempt to promote Spanish property market abroad, with the UK and German home buyers in the spotlight. Also to encourage buyers investing in property, the Spanish Government says it wants to give more security to foreign property buyers.


The latest property prices figures for real estate in Spain show that prices fell by between 3.5 and 4.5% year on year in February.


The data from the Department of Housing show prices fell 3.5% in nominal terms, but in real terms average prices were down 6.5%. It means that prices have now fallen 13.1% since their peak on average.


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