Spain comes top for retiring overseas

The dominance of Spain in the overseas property market has been confirmed by the property consultancy King Sturge.

Drawing on residents from Britain and Germany, a survey shows Spain as coming top of the possible destinations for retiring overseas, followed by France and Italy, also appearing high up on the lists of both countries.

The King Sturge Living Under the Sun survey found that over a fifth (22 per cent) of Brits said they were either certain or likely to buy property abroad and retire overseas, while a similar 21 per cent agreed that retiring overseas is the ideal way to spend their retirement years.

Amongst the Germans a slightly higher proportion (35 per cent) said they were either certain or likely to move overseas after retiring.

King Sturge calculates that if all those who said they wanted to move overseas actually did so, they would total over five million in Germany and two million in the UK.

German and Brits both agreed that having good social and health services in the area was a priority when deciding where in the world to retire. Easy access to family and friends living abroad was also ranked as important.

However, the British were found to be far more concerned about the property market and regulatory issues in the area where they planned to retire.

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