Spain a Top Destination for Brits in 2009

  • 16 years ago
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With the economic downturn curtailing many plans for 2009, holiday travel will also take a hit. As a result, many British families will look long and hard where they spend their money, and it will often be close to home. Spain and France will be two international destinations that will continue to see a lot of visitors.
With their close proximity to the UK and the ease of travel with the Channel Train and low-cost airlines, both of these Western European countries have the added incentive of being relatively easy and inexpensive to get to. With costs coming down for many places, there are plenty of great deals and holiday spots to consider.
One overseas travel website,, has picked the Spanish city of Grenada as a top destination in that country. Martin Chiazza, Founder of said, “With the credit crunch taking its toll more families will holiday closer to home next year, opting for destinations such as Spain and France.”
“More and more tourists will flock to the most beautiful of Andalucian cities, Granada, where they will be mesmerized by the Alhambra and the stunning backdrop of the Sierra Nevada.”
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