Sofia Bulgaria Mayor Holds Up Construction

  • 16 years ago
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With construction booming but a bit uncontrolled in Bulgaria’s capital city, Sofia Mayor Boyko Borisov issued a ban on new buildings in the Mladost Quarter for one year. The ban was in response to residents of the district, who complained and protested about the poorly planned and unchecked growth in their part of the city. The mayor’s order includes a ban on issuing new permits in addition to construction, although projects that are currently under way are allowed to continue.
After a series of protests held over the past few weeks, Sofia’s chief architect Petar Dikov presented changes to the plan for the Mladost 1 District. While half of the originally planned buildings have been removed from the plan, there are still some unsatisfied residents, according to the Sofia Echo newspaper.
After recent public hearings on the matter, Dikov indicated that a new Mladost District master plan will be initiated, with the concerns of residents to be taken into account. The Mladost District is one of the largest in the city of Sofia. It is located in the southeast part of the city and has some 115,000 residents in the city of 1.1 million people.
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