Smart Meters To Change The Way Britain Pays Utility Bills

  • 14 years ago
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Smart Meters  which identify household  consumption in minute detail are set to change the way the British monitor energy consumption and are being used by one utility company First Utility’s to entice new clients.
Customers on the First Utility’s iSave V3 tariff will be offered a free smart meter in coming months, as First Utility continues its roll-out of smart meters across UK households on a region by region basis. 
First Utility’s smart meters take automatic energy meter readings every 30 minutes, providing graphs and energy consumption data which customers can view online.
Research shows smart meters can cut energy use by 10%. See Which?  guide to smart meters and review of energy monitors .
Consumer magazine Which? Found that  First Utility’s iSave V3 energy tariff is now the cheapest dual fuel deal across the UK – for both standard and online tariffs. The average iSave dual fuel energy bill from First Utility is now £889, undercutting the next cheapest online tariff from British Gas. This comes just days after First Utility became the cheapest standard tariff provider available in the UK.
Over the next 11 years every household in Britain will receive Smart Meters, one for gas and one for electricity. This project will be one of the largest infrastructure projects to have taken place since the Second World War.
You can learn more about Smart Meters ands see one in action at The Little House Company: Smart Meters.

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