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Traditional winter ski regions are now in serious competition for overseas property buyers seeking to buy ski property. Bulgaria and Ukraine offer lower prices and superb Ski resorts all at a fraction of the cost of the more established resorts.
With summer memories fading as the temperature begins to drop, many holiday travelers’ thoughts are turning towards the winter and the best places to ski. The Alps have been the traditional European ski destination, with countless Brits buying up second homes for their skiing holidays. Prices in most Alpine destinations have long since exceeded the average person’s range, and so other destinations are becoming more and more popular.
Eastern Europe has become the place for many international travelers and investors looking for affordable second homes where they still can enjoy skiing and winter holidays. In recent years Bulgaria has been one of the most popular ski destinations for home buyers, and Ukraine is now the next up and coming destination.
Bulgaria has a well-developed ski industry, and the slopes aren’t too difficult to get to with some very close to the major cities. The most popular and developed resorts in Bulgaria are Bansko, Borovets and Pamporovo. Pamporovo is the southernmost ski resort in Bulgaria and gets quite a bit of sun. Bankso is one of the newest resorts in the country. As a result, it has some of the best accommodation with plenty of off-plan property available for investors and vacationers. Borovets has hosted World Cup ski events and is easily accessible from the capital of Sofia.
Moving further east to the country of Ukraine, there are even more opportunities available for property searchers in the Carpathian Mountains. The ski industry in this country is still relatively undeveloped, but with plenty of snow in the mountains and low property prices, it looks to take off as Bulgaria has. Slavsk is one of the most popular resort towns and is easily accessible by train from Kyiv (Kiev) and car from Lvov. It has several ski areas around it, with the most well known being Mt. Trostian. A new, off-plan development is now under way in Slavsk for very reasonable amounts.
Ukraine’s first off-plan ski mountain resort complex to be offered and an investment or Ski Property is now available learn more Ukraine Ski Property
With all the off-plan property available, property investors can take advantage of an IDIP. The International Developer Information Pack can provide varying levels of information on the property and development of interest. It can help reassure the investor of the worthiness of buying into new property in areas where regulations aren’t as developed as the resorts.
With the snow coming, it’s a great time to look at some of these opportunities. Skiers and snowboarders can still have good access to the slopes at reasonable prices, just a little farther to the east.

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