Ski properties — perfect for living the very high life

  • 12 years ago
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The continued problems in the
Eurozone and the strong pound have encouraged many British buyers to consider
overseas property this summer. But, it’s not just villas by the sea that are
becoming cheaper.

The Daily Telegraph reports that the problems in Europe also mean that
there are good deals available if you are looking for a property at altitude.
‘Skiing in the winter, walking and cycling in the summer and year-round clean
air and fabulous views: the idea of a mountain home is very alluring.’ We look
at the current ski home market.

You don’t have to be a millionaire to buy a
ski property

After a quiet
couple of years, the market for ski property has improved in the last few
months. “The market has picked up a lot in the past year,” says Jeremy Rollason
of Savills Alpine Homes. “Both 2010 and 2011 were relatively quiet, and the
market had struggled for a few years before then. Since last November, however,
there has been as significant increase in interest and completed acquisitions.”

While property in the main French
and Swiss ski resorts can be expensive, you don’t have to be a
multi-millionaire to buy a ski property. In some parts of Europe, it’s possible
to pick up a mountain home for under £50,000.

The Daily Telegraph calls Austria an ‘enticing prospect’. The country has
seen a gradual increase in British visitors to match its steady house price
growth, and now accounts for 26 per cent of British winter sports visitors.

In addition, the beautiful country
of Slovenia offers excellent value. A two-bedroom apartment, 15 minutes from
the slopes, starts from just £35,000. Many of the ski centres are just a few
miles from Italy and Austria and the scenery at locations such as Lake Bled is
truly stunning.

If you’re thinking of buying an
overseas ski property, ‘there are signs… that conditions are improving’, says
the Telegraph. Now could be the
perfect time to buy.

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