Sex In The City Star Eyes Multi Million Dollar Real Estate

  • 14 years ago
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Celebrity real estate news reports that sex in the city star Sarah Jessica Parker is reportedly looking to move into a new house as she needs ‘more room’ and she has been spotted looking at a $24 million townhouse in New York.

The grand luxury residence priced at a cool  $24.9 million has nine bathrooms, 10 wood-burning fireplaces and is situated on the same block where Jimi Hendrix once lived, according to New York Daily News.


Jessica Parker and her family (including hubby Matthew Broderick and three children) would not be moving very far from their current residence already live in the West Village, New York.

Most people think of the WestVillage as quaint townhouses and apartment, and that is true, but those quaint spots come at a price. Back in April the New York Daily News reported that actress made an offer on a GramercyPark townhouse (complete with key to the private park — hence the area’s name — located nearby) but was outbid. Guess she learned her lesson this time around and found being spending a few extra million will land you your dream


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