Seville Offers an Alternative for Those Want Value

For those looking to buy oversees property in Spain, the city of Seville and the region around it offer an ideal alternative to the expensive coastal resorts and the other major cities. While the Costas along the Mediterranean offer a great view, they come with a large price tag.  Seville, a cultural and historic city in the Andalusia Region of Spain, has many qualities to offer, not least of which is one of the best housing markets in the country.
For those investors looking for capital appreciation on their property, Seville is the place to purchase. It has experienced consistent double digit annual increases in property values, and some parts of the region have had price increases of nearly 30% in the past two years.
Property prices in Seville are currently averaging 41% below the national average at €145,000, so the market is still very good for those looking for a good deal for their money. While the average is low, there are many properties that can be had for even less. There is land to be had as well in this region if you want to spread out. Investors who are looking to let their property should purchase in the inner city, as that is where tourists want to stay and most of the cultural offerings are.
Seville boasts an international airport, San Pablo Airport, and it is easy to get to with direct flights from London and other major European cities. The city is the 4th largest in Spain with a population of 710,000. It is very warm in the summer, and it has many attractions to draw people. One of the largest and most popular celebrations is the Feria de Abril, which takes place during the two weeks after Easter Sunday. Seville’s Cathedral and beautiful Moorish architecture are other sights to see.
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