Seven simple steps to an effective property listing

  • 12 years ago
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Powering the property search on range of sites, including, Lead Galaxy’s real estate leads span the globe as
well as the overseas real estate market.

But how exactly do you advertise your property across the largest network of international property portals?

Here are seven simple steps to an effective property listing with Lead Galaxy’s easy-to-use system:

1.       Name it

The name of your property listing is the first thing that people will
see, so make sure it includes all the key details. If you are marketing
apartments in a Spanish resort, say how many bedrooms they have. Where
is it located? If you are selling tenanted flats or student
accommodation, what returns can investors expect?

Combine them into one snappy headline, e.g. “2 bed tenanted condo 13%
returns” (and not “Steve” or “Mary”), and you’re good to go.

2.       Add a reference

This part is for you, not your buyers, so don’t worry about how
snappy it is. If you have more than one development on the go, or you
have separate listings for different-sized units within the same resort,
enter something memorable so you can tell the difference when looking
at the “Manage My Listings” page. Perhaps “Steve”  or Mary”.

3.       Put it on the map

No one will invest in a property if they do not know where it is.
Lead Galaxy includes maps as a key part of its listings – to make the
most of them, use our location finder to quickly pinpoint your
property’s exact position. Or, if it’s easier, use a maps service, such
as Google Maps, and copy the coordinates into your listing.

4.      Describe it (briefly)

This is the section where you reel in the reader: expand upon your
listing’s name, include all the vital statistics and any unique selling
points. Just enough to capture their attention and get them curious; if
it’s written succinctly and accurately enough, you can generate a lead
from this section alone.

5.       Take a picture

If pictures are worth a thousand words, make sure you take one. In
fact, take several: you can add as many as you like. Make sure you use
an exterior photo as your main image, then include any relevant
interiors or shots of the surrounding area. Floor plans are also a good

(Click here for more detailed tips on how to take a good property listing photo.)

6.       Describe it in full

This is it. Your chance to sell your property in all its detail.
Dimensions of rooms, tourist numbers, occupancy rates; anything you
think is relevant, include it. To add it to your listing, click on the
“Further Information” tab and enter your text there.

(Head this way for more detailed tips on how to write a listing description)

7.       Tag it with keywords

Keywords are what help people to find your property when searching on
a portal. “Swimming pool”, “Spain,” “Murcia”. Those are the kind of
words to tag your listing with, but if your description is written well,
you work here is already done. Simply click on the “Autocomplete”
button and we’ll generate the keywords for you.

And it’s as easy as that. Follow all seven simply steps and you have
an effective property listing on the largest network of overseas
property portals.

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