Seven easy steps to a good property listing photo

  • 12 years ago
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Looking to sell your home? A bad property photo can make or break a
property listing; even a brilliant property can look terrible if the
pictures are poor. knows this – that’s why we allow you to upload up to 10 large images with our basic listing package.

But what are the tricks of the trade to make sure your house doesn’t look like a second-rate slum?

Here are seven easy steps to a good property listing photo:

Get a tripod

Wonky photos are always bad. If a house looks like it’s tilting to
one side, or half the roof is missing, potential buyers will either
think the home is of poor build quality or that you have something to
hide. Don’t give them an excuse and get yourself a tripod, or make sure
hold the camera straight!

Pick a nice day for it

This one sounds obvious, but it’s easy to forget the impact the
weather can have on a property’s appearance. Rain and clouds are bad, of
course, making everything seem gloomy, but too much sun can harm your
listing too, casting shadows over the property’s details.

Clean outside

Just like when people come to visit your home in person, first
impressions are what matter. A messy garden or a dirty driveway will
only turn away house hunters, who will automatically presume that the
inside is equally untidy. But don’t just rake up the leaves and clear
the rubbish bags; move your car out of the way of the photo as well.

Clean inside

Once you’ve tidied up the outside, do the same for the inside. Clear
up clutter and hide dirty clothes, empty the bins and polish the
furniture. But don’t stop there: you want your rooms to appear spacious
as well as clean, so re-arrange the furniture to make sure it does.
Taking the time to stage the room carefully can pay dividends.

No pets allowed

Dogs, cats, rabbits, snakes. Whatever the animal, get it out of shot.
They will either look messy and untidy, which is bad, or they will look
cute and adorable – which is worse. The last thing you want is to let
your buyer get distracted from what you want them to buy. You’re trying
to sell property; not pets. The same goes for children too.

Lights out

How would you choose to light an interior photo? Close the curtains
and turn on the lamps, right? Wrong. Instead of creating uneven
lighting, which will send shadows over half the room, open up all your
curtains, pick a bright day and let natural light do the work for you.

Access all areas

Don’t be afraid to take lots of photos. Sell My Property
lets you add up to 30, but having more is no bad thing: the important
thing isn’t taking a handful of photos to begin with, but choosing the
right ones.

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