Senator McCains Luxury Home in Auction

  • 16 years ago
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Phoenix Arizona will be the scene for the auction of the decade with Senator McCain’s former house going to auction on 25th October 2008. According to the Phoenix New Times the luxury house is being listed for a 12 million dollars
Owning a potential presidents former home appears to have some great advantages when it comes to selling the property. The owner of Senator John McCain’s former home is selling the house hoping to make a huge profit. The current owner, real estate developer Jane Popple bought the house from the McCain’s in 2006 for more than $3 million. The sale could make a 9 million profit which would be the sale of the decade in this current climate
The house fit for a president has 13-bedrooms, 14 bathrooms, a garage that can hold seven cars and cover 13,000 sq ft. It’s located in an exclusive neighbourhood in North Central Phoenix.
According to the Larsen Company, the group handling the auction, the home was Cindy McCain’s childhood home and she and the Arizona senator called it home for 20 years
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