Selling property online to rise in the UK

  • 17 years ago
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UK property industry insiders anticipate a surge in online property sales in 2007 owing to the introduction of the Home Information Packs. From June 1 2007, everyone involved in selling a home in the UK will need to know about Home Information Packs (HIPs). The anticipated online sales increases will come from the publics lack of appetite for the new fees associated with the packs. The combination of  estate agents commission and new compulsory Home Information Packs is set to give UK house sellers a double dose of selling fees.
Gavin Brazg of  is editor of the property advice website which helps home sellers by providing free and impartial advice to help sell property in the UK. The site contains information covering selling your house without an agent, selling property to a specialist cash buyer and through an estate agent.
Mr Brazg ‘We are industry insiders that have been dealing with estate agents, property lawyers and other industry “professionals” for longer than we care to mention. We’ve seen how the general public is taken advantage of and we’ve witnessed a lot of unnecessary heartache and financial loss. The insider knowledge we share in this website is the information that rogue “property professionals” don’t want you to have. I believe Hips will have a dramatic effect on online and private sales with  home sellers in search of a cheaper alternative
Nicholas Marr CEO of ‘We work with hundreds of agents and private sellers and believe freedom of choice is paramount. Many of our private sellers just can’t afford commission payments. They are faced with large stamp duty fees, huge mortgages, ever increasing house prices and now Hips. Some UK estate agents will pay up front for a Sellers Hip however this could come with very stringent contracts so that they do not lose out to time wasters or sellers that want to change agent. Our experience indicates that once a seller goes it alone and sells a property privately it is rare for them not to reach for their keyboards in the future. Selling property privately online is here to stay and Hips will help sellers prepare properly whilst buyers will become better informed. 
A Home Information Pack contains:
An Energy Performance Certificate which tells you how energy efficient the property is
Other compulsory documents, such as an index of contents, a sale statement, searches and evidence of title
Optional documents, such as the Home Condition Report

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