Sell My Property Tips: How to prepare your house for viewing

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You’ve signed up with Sell My Property, you’ve created a
good listing, you’ve dealt with your leads effectively and now a potential
buyer is on their way to see your property. But what do you have to do to get
your home ready?

Here are six simple steps to conduct your own property


Sweep up outside

When it comes to people, first impressions are what make the
difference. The same is true of property. Cleaning up the outside of your
house, sweeping the drive, making sure the bins are tidy, making sure the door
isn’t filthy; all these small steps will boost your home’s curb appeal. When
people drive up in the car, it has to look attractive and, most importantly, ready
to buy. Speaking of cars, try to leave a space in the drive, or on the pavement
outside, so that they have somewhere convenient to park.


Hoover inside

Once you’ve sorted out the outside, tidy up the inside. Think
of it as preparing your property for a listing photo. Vacuum the carpets, clear
away any clutter, and remove any presence of pets – if your buyer is allergic
to cats, hair all over the sofa could put them off the property all together.


Turn the lights on

This is a simple step, but it can make a house feel more
welcoming. If it is not a warm day, turning the heating on can also make a home
more cosy. The more it looks like a property that is ready to be lived in, the
more appealing it will be to those looking to move.


Plan your tour in

Sell My Property’s FSBO service allows you to sell your home
without the cost of estate agent fees, but that also means you do not have
someone to conduct a property tour for you. Therefore rehearse your viewing as
much as possible; know which rooms you will show them in which order (start
with downstairs) and avoid stating the obvious, e.g. “This is the kitchen”. Also learn where the meters and fire alarm panels are so you can point them out if necessary.


Be professional

Don’t appear too eager or friendly; your buyer may think you
are simply desperate to sell. Instead, be professional and polite and watch
their facial expressions and behaviour. If they spend longer than a few minutes
looking at a room, you can tell they are interested. Similarly, if they start
trying to talk money, you can tell you are close to converting that enquiry
into a sale.


Ask questions

Just because they are the ones finding out about the home,
that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t ask questions as well. Research them as best as
you can; what do they do? Why are they moving? How long have they been asking?
What is it about this area they like? The more you can find out about their
needs, the more you can tweak your tour, offer information, or adapt the price
to meet them. And once their needs are met? Bingo. Then you have a sale on your


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