Search & Buying Advisors: What Do They Do?

  • 13 years ago
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Search & Buying Advisors: What Do They Do?

When you are searching for a house you’re hunting for more than just bricks and mortar. Search and Buying Advisors, sometimes called Home Search Consultants seek out the most suitable property for the buyer at the lowest possible price. They are house hunting specialists that will scour the market on your behalf, tracking you down the perfect properties for your individual requirements and budget and ultimately minimising the hassle of your purchase.  Boasting expert knowledge whether you are looking for a property for sale in Penicuik or even further afield than Scotland then they will have the in-depth knowledge of the market and area to help you secure a great house at a great price. Rather than just shopping for a house many people are searching for a home and it’s important that you make an informed choice and get the house suitable for you as well as making sure you get a good deal. If you want to take the stress out of your house hunt then S&BA are here to help.

S&BA are a relatively new member of the property circuit and provide additional services to those offered traditionally by Estate Agents. S&BA and basically personal shoppers for houses and they do all the leg work for you, scouring the market for houses the fit your requirements. It’s important that you get the best deal, because this is something you will be paying off long into the future.


While an estate agent is functioning on behalf of the seller, but S&BA functions on behalf of the buyer and while an Estate Agent would be looking for the seller to get the highest price, thus increasing their commission, S&BA are looking to get you the best possible deal.

Whether you are a first time buyer with little knowledge of the property world or are buying a second home and don’t want the hassle of investigating leads for your holiday house, S&BA might be the perfect timesaver. Taking into account your desired location, price range and any other specifications they will find you a shortlist of suitable properties that could cater to your needs. Because of their extensive industry contacts they may be in the know about properties before they come on the market, giving your house hunt an edge. While you’re searching they may have access to additional resources and contacts that could potentially let them find you properties before they reach the open market. Once you have stumbled upon your dream home, they will be able to negotiate with the seller to get you the best possible price. Other services might include going to viewings to check the suitability of a house so your time isn’t wasted and some agencies also offer relocation services to help companies move their employees abroad.

The search party for a house can be a stressful, time consuming journey and the primary reason for hiring an Search and Buying Advisors is to save you time and money. Prices and costs vary, so it’s important to work out which package will be the cheapest for you, taking into account introductory fees and any additional charges. From organising viewings to signing on the dotted line, these home finding services can guide you through your house purchase. Holding your hand from the first viewing to signing the final papers they can be the guardian angel in your house hunt, nurturing you through every aspect of your acquisition.

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