Scotland Councils Going Green

  • 16 years ago
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Local councils across Scotland and the Scottish Government are more committed to environmentally responsible policies than ever before. The Sustainable Scotland Network (SSN) is a group that works with development officers and advocates from local authorities across Scotland. The group’s aims include promoting sustainable development, responding to the threat of climate change, ensuring that procurement practices meet sustainable goals, and reducing the carbon footprint of local councils.
The specific councils across Scotland have been working to develop many green projects and meet the goals of SSN. The Glasgow and Clyde Valley Green Network is a 20 year program that will bring together parks, walkways, cycling routes, green corridors and more. So far, eight local authorities have signed up for the scheme and look forward to the positive impact it will provide residents and the overall environment.
Highlands Council is constructing its first sustainable school, the Archaracle Primary School. This green building is due to open early next year and will have a high degree of insulation, keeping heating costs to a minimum. The government of Scotland is promoting alternative methods of transportation, including walking, cycling and public transport. The Sustainable Travel Demonstration Communities project is providing a means to showcase these transport alternatives. So far, seven towns and cities will receive funding for these projects.
As the world looks to develop green communities and resources, Scotland is leading the way.
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