Sardinia & Cortina boast some of the worlds most expensive luxury homes

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Sardinia and Cortina boast some of the world’s most expensive luxury homes.

If you had to guess where the most expensive urban property in the world was located, you might think that parts of England, the USA or France were sure to make the shortlist.  While new research has found that some areas of France boast the most expensive prime properties on the planet, only Italy can rival France for the number of non-urban locations for luxury, expensive property.

Sardinia boasts most expensive luxury property in Italy

In 2011, Italy boasts five locations within the world’s top 30 non-city property hotspots, according to the latest Knight Frank Prime International Residential Index.  The Index monitors the prices of many of the world’s top property markets and has found that in certain areas, property in Italy is among the world’s most expensive.

The research found that Italy’s most expensive luxury home is in Sardinia’s Porto Cervo, a marina on the EmeraldCoast.  Prime waterfront property in this location rarely sells for under €50 to €100 million (£44 to £88 million).

Jelena Cvjetkovic from international property company Savills said: “Top prices in Porto Cervo’s Via Romazzino are at least $42,000 (£26,000) per square metre.  The holiday homes of many of Italy’s wealthiest people (as well as those of Russian billionaires) are located on this street.”

Cortina the choice for luxury winter property in Italy

In terms of winter destinations, the resort of Cortina has long been the favoured destination of Italy’s wealthy.  Once a stop for 18th century Grand Tourists, the price of prime 18th and 19th century buildings has now risen to £13,388 per square metre.

With the beautiful Dolomite mountains as a backdrop, the resort boasts higher average prime property prices than Méribel in France.

Elsewhere in Italy, property on the shores of LakeComo now sells for an average of £8,490 per square metre whilst properties in Tuscany sell at around £5,950 per square metre.


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