Russians Plan Overseas Property Spending Spree

  • 13 years ago
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The real estate magazine International Residence has just released their survey results taken during the Moscow International Investment Show held in March. The show attracted 181 companies from 29 countries, and just over 6,800 visitors. This was a record number of investors, for this 8th edition of the two day event.


International Residence conducted their own survey at the show, randomly selecting 499 visitors to answer questions, providing a broad cross section of the market in Moscow and the Moscow regions.


There was a noted shift in the actual amount that buyers were prepared to invest with most popular amount selected by over 40% being between €100,000 to 250,000. However over 10.5% questioned were planning to spend in excess of €500,000, a large rise over previous shows.


The most popular choice for buying international real estate was in Bulgaria, followed closely by Spain, with third place going to Turkey. 66% said they were looking for apartments and 49% planned to buy in the next 12 months. 


Only 27% said they were buying as an investment where as 53% were buying for leisure purposes.


AI Group CEO and organiser Kim Waddoup said, ‘ After what has been a fairly tough time for all of us working in the global real estate industry, the attendance figures at our show and the results of the magazine’s survey,  certainly indicate that although Russian investors remain cautious, they are most certainly investing again. This has to be most encouraging for our future events planned in 2011.’


Svetlana Andryukina, editor of International Residence magazine added, ‘We publish 35,000 copies of our magazine twice a year, and have definitely noticed that there is a renewed interest from our readers for leisure real estate. Watch out for new destinations including Montenegro and the CzechRepublic to gain in popularity. Even the UAE is coming back into fashion with some canny Russians picking up some bargains in the sun.


 International Residence is Russia’s first publication to specialise on International Real Estate and Developments. In each issue they offer professional advice and clear information for wealthy Russians who are looking to make international investments.

There are two editions of International Residence each year to ensure long and continuous coverage for advertisers. The spring edition is published in February and the autumn edition in September. International Residence magazine is printed only in the Russian language.

 Due to the specific nature of the Russian speaking markets, the aims of the magazine are to be informative and to appeal to a wide range of reader profiles. In addition to specialised property & development articles/features we also include specialised travel information and articles that are of interest our targeted audience.


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