Russian Millionaire Holiday Homes

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The Dacha, a traditional Russian country or holiday home, is making a reappearance in the country as the newly wealthy citizens look for homes outside the capital city of Moscow. As the wealth of many Russians has risen, particularly with surging oil and commodity prices, the desire for homes in gated communities has also risen.
James Brooke, a real estate director in Moscow, was interviewed in the International Herald Tribune newspaper recently and noted that “There is a huge demand for parking the family outside town, the way people do in the Hamptons and Berkshires, and coming out for weekends for summer or year-round living.”
West of Moscow holds the most desirable destinations, avoiding the factories and working towns to the east of the city. About 25 kilometers, northwest of Moscow is the Novorizhskoe area, one of the most popular areas for new gated communities. There are approximately 350 gated communities that have properties available in Russia, and nearly half of them are in the Novorizhskoe region, according to developer Janna Bullock.
Bullock is currently working on a small gated community in Novorizhskoe’s Istra district. It has six houses around a pond on 3 hectares of land, and the houses are built of natural pine reminiscent of traditional dachas. They range from 411 square meters to 514 square meters, and have an asking price for the houses from €3 million to €4 million.
While prices in Novorizhskoe may seem a bit steep, they are actually lower than Rublyovka, which is known as Moscow’s billionaire suburb. Rublyovka is home to President Dmitri Medvedev and his predecessor, now prime minister, Vladimir Putin, as well as the ultra-upscale shopping center Barvikha Luxury Village.
For a few million Euros, you can live the country life in Moscow’s posh suburbs.
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