Russia Vladivostok a Boom Town

  • 16 years ago
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On the very eastern edge of Russia is the formerly secretive city of Vladivostok. Once known mainly as the end of the Trans-Siberian Railroad and the home of the Soviet Union’s Pacific Fleet, this city is now thriving. The port is open to travelers and is home to a booming fishing business, and the hillsides of the town have many large mansions and homes that show off the country’s newfound wealth.
Not too many years ago, the main way to get into the city was on the famous cross continental railroad, but now there are numerous airlines that fly into Vladivostok. Several low cost carriers, including S7 and Vladivostok Air have made traveling here reasonable and much easier than in the past. You can fly from Moscow or a number of regional hubs in Asia and even Alaska.
The nightlife is now one of the most popular things about the city, and many young professionals who work here like to party hard. Okno is a new, Moscow-style nightclub that is quite popular, and the many restaurants include Syndicate, a Chicago style steakhouse, as well as the Grand Café, a nightclub and eatery.
The city is preparing to host the Asian-Pacific Economic Cooperation Summit in 2012 and is going to great lengths to get ready. Some $6 billion US in new buildings and infrastructure is now under construction or planned. Hotels, theaters, casinos and more are in the works. All the new building will make this boom town continue to shine for a long time.

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