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St. Petersburg, Russia. A substantial increase in the number of visitors at the St. Petersburg International Property Show held 03&04 April, further indicates the potential for International Real Estate sales in Russia’s second largest city.
A total of 5,110 unique visitors visited the St .Petersburg International Property Show held for the second time in the Exhibition Centre of North-West Russia.
“The doors opened and a steady stream of visitors passed through the Registration Desks. Attendance on Friday was good and excellent on Saturday with all participants indicating their satisfaction with the quality and quantity of visitors” – said Kim Waddoup the organiser from the aiGroup.
“With our success in organising the highly successful Moscow International Property Shows it was a natural progression to also include St. Petersburg. Despite substantial local competition we launched our first event in October 08 and it was most successful. Built on this experience we proceeded confidently with our second St. Petersburg Show”
A total of 129 participants representing 41 Countries travelled to St. Petersburg for the two day event, 03&04 April.
“Many of our Exhibitors participate at all of our events. They recognise the quality of our shows, respect our local knowledge and highly appreciate the number of potential buyers that we continue to attract at all our shows”
“The market in St. Petersburg remains a developing one and is some years behind Moscow. The aiGroup advertising campaign is extremely targeted and enables us to attract a high number of potential buyers. As in the early days in Moscow, we find that many visitors have just a small idea of what they are looking for and are coming for initial information and to be educated. This was just our second event in St. Petersburg and many participants noted that there were already positive developments in the attitudes of the visitors. Many happy exhibitors advised us of signed contracts, booked inspection tours and high quality leads”
An increase in visitors of 23% in the current conditions confirms the superiority of the marketing employed by the aiGroup. “These are not figures dreamed up by the organisers as, with the lack of any independent auditing organisations in Russia, the aiGroup are the only organisers to use scanners to register each unique visitor”.
As the venue will be undergoing renovation in the near future, the new home for the St. Petersburg International Property Show will be the modern Ledovy Stadium, Prospect Bolshevikov 16&17 October 2009.
Press contact for the Moscow and St. Petersburg International Property Shows:-
Ms. Maria Chikhacheva
Tel +7 495 926 9695

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