Rupert Murdoch in Grand Property Renovation New York

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Homes of the famous and very wealthy are rarely seen by the public. Rupert Murdoch, head of Newscorp and one of the world’s wealthiest men, is no exception, but renovations to his Manhattan apartment have allowed a brief glimpse into his grand plans. According to a recent article in the New York Times, Murdoch’s triplex apartment on 834 Fifth Avenue is undergoing major renovations, and the work that is being undertaken is so big and expansive that it can actually be seen from the street.
The building was once owned by Laurance Rockefeller, a grandson of oil magnate John D. Rockefeller. The building was originally constructed in 1929 and 1930 as luxury apartments, and businessman Hugh B. Baker purchased the top three floors for his own triplex. Rockefeller purchased the whole building in 1946 and eventually turned it into a co-op. Rockefeller kept the Baker apartment for himself, and in 2005 Murdoch purchased it from the Rockefeller estate for $44 million USD.            
Although he does not grant access to his home or the renovations, glimpses of it can be seen from the street and other buildings. It does appear as if Mr. Murdoch’s triplex is similar to Baker’s original apartment in the building. In that impressive space, the 14th floor was the bedroom level with the master bedroom at the southwest corner. A dressing room next to it measured a whopping 14 ft. by 20 ft.
A grand staircase connected all three levels of the apartment, with the 15th floor being used for entertaining. There was a large living room as well as another, equally large, dining room, and a conservatory on this floor. Originally, the top floor had an observatory on it.
With the windows open to the elements, it appears as if Mr. Murdoch’s renovations are ongoing and will probably not be completed for a while. Of course, Mr. Murdoch has places to stay all over the world and can afford to stay wherever he wants, so finding temporary quarters isn’t really an issue.
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