Romanian Legal Firm Survey Targets International Investors

  • 15 years ago
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Enescu & Cuc Law Firm has initiated an online survey targeted at foreign investors and their representatives in Romania in order to discover the problems they encounter in the country’s business environment (survey at 
The results will be communicated to press institutions as well as to the authorities in an effort to create a better business environment.
“Over 90% of our clients are foreign companies doing business in Romania”, explains Mihai Cuc, a partner of Enescu & Cuc. “A part of these investors encounter a variety of difficulties which discourages them to continue doing business here and to recommend the country to other investors.”
The Law Firm has decided to initiate this survey after discovering not only the lack of any specific strategy for the encouragement of foreign investment in Romania but also the contradictory or plain absurd administrative and legislative measures which stop from developing a correct and coherent business environment in the country. At the same time the Law Firm discovered the need of these entrepreneurs to make their problems known to authorities as well as to opinion leaders in the country. The idea for the project comes after a heated online debate which brought forward diverse opinions regarding Romania’s economical future, from those about a “Europe’s future China” to “a country incapable of constructing its own roads and paralyzed by corruption”.
“There are opportunities for Romania in this crisis”, believes Camelia Enescu, a partner of the same Law Firm. “Let’s take for instance the example of a business in Western Europe having financial difficulties. They have to cut costs and perhaps a way to achieve this would be to relocate to an Eastern European country, where everything costs less. Of course, these investors will have to be assured that their opinions will matter and they will not be lost in the jungles of a bureaucracy where no one will hear them screaming for help.”

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