Richard Branson Invests In Portugal

  • 16 years ago
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Billionaire Richard Branson has indicated that he intends to invest heavily in Portugal and may even construct a spaceport in the country in the coming years. The Virgin Atlantic Airways founder recently said he was going to build up to 20 new health clubs across the country and invest in renewable energies. These new projects could create thousands of new jobs when they are completed.
Branson had a press conference in Lisbon not long ago to announce his intentions for investing in Portugal. The head of Virgin Atlantic said that a network of 15 to 20 new health clubs would be created. The first of these new clubs is already operating in Oporto. The Virgin Active health clubs will be constructed in the Greater Lisbon and Operto metro areas. Branson said that “They will be large clubs, well equipped, well built, offering top quality services at an affordable price.”
After his press conference, he indicated that discussions have taken place with national authorities on the possibility of building a space center in the country. Virgin Galactic is the name of Branson’s new space travel venture, and tickets are being sold at $200,000 per passenger. The first take off is scheduled for sometime in 2010 or 2011. The first flights will take place from a space center under construction in New Mexico, US, and the Portuguese space centere will be modeled on that one.
In addition to the other investments, Branson said that he wanted to invest in renewable energies in Portugal and announced a 50,000 Euro prize for new environmentally friendly projects created in the country.
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