Revolving towers in Dubai like Brazil real estate

Dubai building technology is at the forefront in modern architecture and has become known as a city of firsts however the introduction of rotating towers reflects older designs in Brazil.
Three ambitious new building projects have been announced in Dubai all of which will feature rotation in the design. This new concept features rotation either of the whole towers or of certain floors within.
Such technology however exists since 2001 in Brazil. The 15 storey Suite-Vollard in Curitiba, Brazil has 11 apartments that turn independently at 360 degrees an hour. The reported price for an apartment in this project then was $300,000. This was definitely a high point in investment property rates at that time.
The first of the three projects in Dubai is the High Rise Real Estate’s ‘Rotating City’. This development has towers and villas. The villas will rotate completely with the help of a certain mechanism. These will be lifted up to six metres in height and then turn around. 
In another fifteen storey tower within this city, five floors will be designed to rotate as well. Vehicle owners will also have it easy with the vehicles being transported up as well.
The second project located in the ambitious Dubailand is the Times Residences.   This project is headed by the Dubai Property Ring and consists of 24 towers and expected to be ready by 2009-2010. The first tower will rotate on a 24 hours cycle. The remaining 23 towers will follow the different time zones across the world. Solar energy will power this technology.
The third project is the Da Vinci Tower which will rotate as well as change shape in the procees. The masterplan for this has just been announced. Les Robertson, from LERA, the structural engineer consultant for this project states that the basic technology has been in existence and they would only need to rework this to succeed.
The concept of rotating towers is simply to provide a change in direction, light, perspective, view and shape. It is a uniqueness of having so many options in literally just one place.
For any home owner in particular these options not only present a great investment opportunity but also offer a range within the same location.
George Katodrytis, AAUAE Committee Member, Professor of Architecture, School of Architecture & Design- American University of Sharjah comments, ”Usually rotating towers are simplistic in their design and they have nothing more to offer than just the thrill of it”. 
The successful completion of even one such project will determine its popularity.

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