Revolving residential tower to be built in Dubai

A real estate developer in the United Arab Emirates hotspot of Dubai has revealed plans for its latest development, which could attract overseas investors.

High Rise Real Estate has unveiled plans for a housing block that includes four rotating penthouses and a villa that has its own car lift.

In total, 72 residential units are set to be constructed in Jumeirah Village South, at a cost of approximately $50 million. Five of the 15 towers in the complex can be rotated through 360 degrees.

Construction of the extravagant apartments and residential buildings is due to begin this month, with an 18 month run-time anticipated.

The idea was generated by a managing partner at the real estate firm, Faisal Ali Moosa, who was inspired by some single rotating villas in Germany.

The innovative tower, which will potentially be joined by further rotating residences in the future, will surely tempt an overseas buyer or two to venture into the UAE’s property market.

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