Regional cities highlighted as best UK property hotspots in 2015

  • 10 years ago
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Regional cities have been highlighted as the best UK property hotspots for investment in 2015.
Property investment company Property Frontiers predicts another booming year of buy-to-let following the success of 2014.
Indeed, according to a survey from The Property Hub, an impressive 85 per cent of UK property investors are planning to expand their property portfolios in the next five years. “The opportunities are boundless,” says Property Frontiers Chief Executive Ray Withers.
“We’re seeing more and more property investors turning to the UK to make their money. UK buy-to-let property was one of the investment highlights of 2014 and it looks set to be even stronger in 2015. This asset class is perfect for investors with varying sums of capital, thanks to the range of properties and locations available. It means that buy-to-let investment properties have attracted everyone from investors with just that one property in their portfolio to large-scale buyers with an array of homes.”
A recent survey from Platinum Property Partners found that some 23 per cent of landlords plan to expand their portfolio by one more property in 2015 alone, while 14 per cent will be looking to increase it by two more. 
“The potential in this sector remains huge,” continues Withers. “In particular, Northern Ireland, Oxfordshire, Liverpool and Manchester will be the markets to watch in 2015. While other cities will also offer some excellent opportunities, these four are likely to be the investment hotspots of the year.”

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