Recovery For the Pound As Dollar Weakens

  • 15 years ago
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A recovery for the Pound today, after European GDP data came out weaker than expected, forcing the Euro slightly cheaper. Good news for achieving the best Euro exchange rates. The US Dollar also became cheaper during the course of the day, as the Pound took some strength from some momentum across the board.

Mid-market rates at 1630 GMT:


Sterling – Euro = 1.1183

Sterling – US Dollar = 1.4407

Sterling – Australian Dollar = 2.1866

Sterling – New Zealand Dollar = 2.7421

Sterling – South African Rand = 14.2648

Sterling – Canadian Dollar = 1.7910


The situation remains delicate however, and with little to report coming up next week, buyers and sellers of any currency should contact a specialist currency brokerage to ensure they get the best rates at any given time.


Money lunchtime sees a raft of Canadian data which could shake things up for those of you needing to make a payment in Canadian dollars.


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