Reality TV wants overseas property buyers

Reality TV show ‘Fly to Buy’ is hunting for serious overseas property buyers for its popular TV show. Assisted by property experts Melissa Porter and Gordon Whistance the buyers will be helped by the show to find their perfect overseas pad. The show which features a variety of buyers with personal passions for differing overseas locations, from the more traditional holiday home destinations of Spain, France, Turkey and Greece, to more adventurous destinations like Bulgaria, Montenegro, Morocco and Hungary.

With budgets ranging from £25,000 to £500,000, the Fly To Buy property experts will be pitted against each other as they hand-pick two special properties, and each try to convince the buyer to part with their cash for their chosen house. Some of the properties will be high risk investments in need of work, whilst others will be safer bets – but it remains to be seen which expert is really in the know when it comes to working the local property market to find the des res property.

Fly to Buy is the brainchild of RDF Television who has established an outstanding reputation for producing popular and innovative programmes. RDF programmes include the award-winning ‘Faking It’, ‘Shipwrecked’, ‘Scrapheap Challenge’, ‘Holiday Showdown’, ‘Anthea Turner : Perfect Housewife’, ‘Wife Swap’, ‘Rock School’ and ‘The Queen’s Castle’ along with many other factual entertainment series and highly regarded documentaries.
Recently, RDF Television programming has won an International Emmy, numerous BAFTA, Royal Television Society and Broadcast magazine awards as well as two of Europe’s top entertainment awards – the Rose d’or of Montreux and the Golden Rose of Lucerne.
Fly To Buy needs you!
Are you and your partner or friend serious about buying a property in Cyprus, Crete, Cape Verde, Croatia, Dubai, Portugal, Romania, Sicily or Spain for investment, relocation or a holiday home?
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