Real Estate Summit MIPIM Opens in Cannes

  • 15 years ago
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The world’s premier real estate summit is set to open in Cannes, France on March 10. MIPIM runs through the 13th of March and is an annual gathering of developers, public agencies, world leaders and real estate executives. So far, organizers have indicated that some 18,000 people are registered to attend the fair. There are also over 450 architectural and design firms that are scheduled to attend or send representatives.
While the number of attendees is impressive, it is still down somewhat from 2008 when a record 29,000 people attended. The economic situation around the globe is affecting both travel budgets and plans for new developments, and keeping the attendance lower. As one example, the London Development Agency is sending four representatives this year, down from nine in 2008.
“One would expect fewer people with world economies in the state they are and companies cutting back on expenditure,” said Peter Rhodes, UK managing director of organiser Reed MIPIM

This year’s MIPIM has a panel debate that will include architects Zaha Hadid, Daneil Libeskind, Thom Mayne and Wolf Prix. They are set to discuss the future for architectural firms and practices. The keynote address is being given by London Mayor Boris Johnson

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