Real Estate Investment trusts (REITs) a new beginning

The property industry is set for a boost from January 1 2007 as new era dawns for property investors and the Londons financial markets. REITs will open up the commercial property market to ordinary investors in the UK. So what exactly is a REIT ? REIT stands for real estate investment trust. They are collective investments which pool investors money. Basically, buying shares in a REIT would allow you to invest in various types of property without the complications of physically buying into bricks and mortar. The investment trust invests in properties which are then leased – sort of like buy-to-let but on a far bigger scale. REITs will give ordinary property investors the chance to gain access to the commercial property market through a well regulated, easily traded vehicle. These trusts are already popular in other countries, such as the US, France, Australia and Japan.
UK property market and REITs
It has taken more than 20 years of lobbying to get the government to introduce tax-efficient Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) to the UK. Property investors confused by REITS can be assisted by an impressive organisation named Reita.
About Reita
Reita is a campaign created by The REITs and Quoted Property Group who are funded and supported by the leading companies in the commercial property and financial services sectors.
Reita membership includes an impressive selection of key organistations these include:
Fund managers 
AXA Investment Managers Site
BlackRock Site
Cambridge Place Investment Profile Site
Cordea Savills Profile Site
Fidelity International Profile Site
Henderson Global Investors Profile Site
ING REIM Profile Site
Invista Real Estate Investment Management Profile Site
Prudential (PRUPIM) M&G Profile Site
Scottish Widows Investment Partnership Profile Site
Quoted property companies 
The British Land Company Profile Site
Brixton Profile Site
Capital & Regional Profile Site
Grainger Trust plc Profile Site
Hammerson Profile Site
Helical Bar Profile Site
Land Securities Profile Site
Slough Estates Profile Site
St Modwen Profile Site
Investment banks/advisers 
Citigroup Site
Credit Suisse Profile Site
Deloitte Profile Site
Ernst & Young LLP (UK) Profile Site
Goldman Sachs Site
JPMorgan Cazenove Profile Site
KPMG Profile Site
Lehman Brothers Profile Site
Morgan Stanley Profile Site
UBS Site
British Property Federation (BPF) Profile Site
Investment Property Forum (IPF) Profile Site
London Stock Exchange
These prestigious organisations have come together to support the successful introduction of Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) in the UK and the expansion of the quoted property sector.

Reita’s aim is to raise awareness and understanding of REITs and investment in quoted property companies. It does this primarily through this portal, by providing expert knowledge, education and tools for financial advisers, and other useful information for a wider audience. You can learn more about Reita at


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