Real Estate Construction Comes to Belize

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The Central American country of Belize, which has been a hidden retreat for the most die-hard adventurers and nature lovers, is showing signs of moving into the mainstream. Several new construction projects are either under way or planned for the former British Honduras. According to the International Herald Tribune, the new projects include the Smuggler’s Run Plantation north of Belize City and Ara Macao, a remote development on a Caribbean peninsula.
Construction on Smuggler’s Run, a 1,000 acre development, is expected to begin in January. There will be 1,440 townhomes, 370 lots for custom homes, a marina, retail space and a championship golf course. Initial homes prices are expected to begin at $160,000 USD, with high end homes going for as much as $1.2 million.
“I see Belize at a point now that it’s on the verge of a major change,” Trevor Miles, President and CEO of the Smuggler’s Run developer, was quoted as saying.
Ara Macao is another 1,000 acre planned development near Placencia, on the coast south of Belize City. It will include a marina, golf course and hundreds of homes and condominiums. The area around Placencia has become a target for investors and developers. The beach here is white and sandy, and the government is promoting efforts to bring new homes and jobs to the area.
There have been a number of international real estate buyers for the land around Placencia, including director Francis Ford Coppola and Canadian developer Carlton Watson. Coppola has built the Turtle Inn, while Watson conducted extensive research to determine the best place to develop in the Caribbean. At $3,000 a linear foot for beachfront property, he said it was a bargain compared to the rest of the region.
“It’s still far below the prices for the rest of the Caribbean,” said Watson. Other beachfront property averages around $12,000 a linear foot.
Getting to Belize is still a bit tricky. Belize City has the country’s only major airport, Goldson International Airport (BZE). American Airlines, Delta, Continental, and US Airways have direct flights from US cities including Dallas, Houston, Miami, Atlanta and Los Angeles. Other local airlines have flights from some Central American cities as well
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