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  • 14 years ago
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Overseas Property Professional (OPP) has reached an agreement with The International Consortium of Real Estate Associations (ICREA)  to syndicate its editorial content to the one and a half million practitioners of the global real estate trade body.


OPP is part of the Richmond Green Group and the magazine is the property market’s only dedicated business-to-business publication for the international residential real estate industry. It has been this way since its launch in 2004.

ICREA will distribute a digital edition of OPP magazine every month to all of its associated members worldwide as well as giving them full access to the OPP Group’s daily news service on and in its weekly newsletters.

“Working with a respected and independent business information provider like the OPP Group will give our members a cross-border news service of the highest quality,” says Thijs Stofffer, chief executive of ICREA. “We believe that this is a good way to add value to our membership offering and help maximise the benefits of being part of ICREA.”

OPP is a monthly A4 magazine and its reader profile is:

– 66% international real estate agents
– 6% developers
– 21% independent financial advisors
– 3% financial professionals
– 4% other – e.g. legal and media professionals

Just under 100,000 trade professionals are emailed with an electronic digital edition of OPP every month and 5,500 hard copies are posted to subscribers / advertisers

“We are always looking for new ways to communicate with the senior decision-makers in our market. ICREA will be a wonderful partner in helping us to do this.”

The International Consortium of Real Estate Associations, is a consortium of real estate associations, and is committed to the right to own and transfer real estate. It describes itself as a worldwide “association of associations.” All together they group 500.000 real estate companies, with approx. 1.500.000 million practitioners (outside the US. ICREA’s website now has 2.1 million properties on our B2C and B2B sides of the site, translated in 19 languages.

ICREA and its member associations are committed to high standards of professional conduct for member brokers. Each member association has a country-specific code of conduct and, collectively, the organisation has adopted a statement on International Principles of Conduct.

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