Real Estate Agent Sued Over House Price

  • 16 years ago
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Real estate agents in the US will be looking closely at a case where one of their own is being sued by a former client. The disgruntled home buyer is taking the agent to court to try and claim compensation for buying an over priced house. The claimant alleges that the real estate agent was aware that the home was over valued by $30,000 and hid this fact to claim a larger commission.

The New York Times reported that real estate lawyers and brokers say the case taking place in California , would be the first of many in which buyers seek compensation from their agents.
The claimant Marty Ummel, 60, has taken action against experienced realtor Mike Little. The agent states that Ummel and her husband, are shifting blame because they failed to do their own research
Observers said the Ummel case raises questions about the exact legal obligations of people — such as real estate agents — in assisting their clients when the relationship is based on trust and for which there is no contract.
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