Ramsay & Beckham Get Close in LA and in Business

  • 14 years ago
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The friendship between David Beckham and Gordon Ramsay was confirmed when the two were spotted with their friends and family staying a designer modernist style beach house in Los Angeles. The pair are said to now be in business together with a new restaurant in London.
The Becks and Ramsays stayed at a stunning beachfront property said to be worth some £3.2 million. The modern white house features three balconies, white shutters, four floors and a huge sunroof over looking the beach.

Becks and Posh own homes in England France and Dubai and there was speculation the super rich couple who are said to be worth £125 million had secretly purchased the Santa Monica beach house. The home is actually owned by a friend who obviously let them have it for some time off from Ramsay and Becks busy schedules  

The last time Becks and Ramsay appeared in public together they were watching a local basketball team the Los Angeles Lakers. The relationship is set to turn into a business partnership. David Beckham has reportedly given Gordon Ramsay $5 million to help him out with a new restaurant.
The new restaurant will be situated near St Paul’s Cathedral in London and is planned to open in October. The restaurant will be part of a new shops and office centre, One New Change, in the city of London.

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