Quattro Business Park in Krakow

  • 16 years ago
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Construction recently began on the Quattro Business Park in Krakow. This new development, undertaken by Krakow-based developer Grupa Buma, will have four 14-story tall buildings with some 48,000 square meters of office space. There will also be a 200 person conference center, restaurants, small retail shops and medical facilities.
The Quattro Business Park is the largest office project currently under construction in Southern Poland. It is planned for four stages of construction and completion, with the first of the four buildings set to open in December of 2009. Each of the remaining buildings will be finished in the following years, with one building opening each year through 2012.
Grupa Buma representative Piotr Michalski notes that the four-stage project helps to smooth out investment risk: “Due to the unpredictable economic situation, it is unknown whether Krakow will need so much space,” states Michalski. “However, splitting the investment into stages allows it to be accelerated or delayed as necessary.”
Architect Stefan Kurylowicz says that the idea behind the architectural character of the complex was “an object directed towards a new kind of person who travels and is open to the world; such people will be deciding the future of Poland; a place where young people and progressive firms will feel at home.”
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