Qatar Surprise for Investors

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4/12/09- Qatar is being hailed as one of the surprise investment hotspots for 2010 by the CEO of an international real estate company Marr International. The prediction comes as Qatar confirmed that is was 100 percent committed to its role in developing Europe’s tallest mixed-use skyscraper The Shard in London
Qatar is one of the world’s fastest growing economies the GDP is 72.1 billion while the GDP per head is $74000 (2007 estimate) current estimates indicate that Qatar has one of the highest GDPs per head in the world. The region boasts major financial and business services including oil, construction and the world’s third largest gas reserves. 
Nicholas Marr CEO Marr International “Investors from our international portal were recently surveyed to find their top ten places to invest abroad.  Omissions from the list included Spain and Dubai. However my real surprise was that Qatar did not feature in the top ten. For me it ticks all the right boxes for investment. I believe this region has huge potential, The Qatar Urban Planning and Development Authority aim to make the capital Doha a world class city. There is investment said to be around $1.5 billion being made right now for a second international airport. It can be seen from recent events in London the Qatar government certainly have the resources to reach its goals. Recent property prices falls in Qatar make this a good time to get in early
The Qatari backers of London’s tallest proposed skyscraper re-emphasised their commitment to the scheme with a visit by the Governor of the Qatar , Sheikh Abdulla Bin Saoud Al-Thani pledged that his state will back the development of the 94-storey tower at London Bridge to completion in 2012.
Sheikh Abdulla Bin Saoud Al-Thani “We are confident that the Shard will become a landmark on the London skyline and a symbol of the close ties between Qatar and the United Kingdom.
Al-Thani was said to have visited the site to make the situation crystal clear, following turmoil in the Gulf triggered by Dubai World’s announcement of a debt standstill last week.
Since 2004 overseas property buyers have been able to buy property in designated areas of Qatar. The three main areas are The Pearl, West Bay lagoon and Al Khor but other places are now becoming available.
Qatar is emerging as one of the most dynamic economies in the Middle East. 
The economy is rapidly expanding in practically every sector and industry.  A combination of government investment and the participation of multi-national companies are creating what seems to be a culture of opportunity
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