hits out at Estate Agent News

CEO of a UK based property portal has hit out at claims made by Estate Agency News that stated that propertyfinder were not prepared to release official traffic figures to the property web site.
Propertyfinder is one of the UKs major property portals and was purchased in November 2005 by Australia’s property portal,, and News International, owners of The Times, The Sunday Times, The Sun, the News of the World, and London Property News
Estate Agency news reported that traffic generated by the other major UK property portal sites including, Findaproperty and Primelocation appeared to have stabilised after five years of continuing increase but stated that the overall use was huge with virtually every property for sale in the UK on one of the major portals.

Since the last Estate Agency News report in August 06 property numbers have gone up by some 60,000 or four per cent, with Prime Location increasing by the largest amount and Rightmove still increasing their already dominant numbers to just over 800,000.

CEO Propertyfinder writes I am writing in response to Bob North’s recent column on property portal traffic. In this article Bob North made mention of the fact that were not prepared to release their figures and so “have been excluded from the table”. This is not the case. We are more than happy to release the figures that have been verified by a third party provider, such as COM Score, but only on the grounds the other sites do the same. We chose not to participate in the comparison. At the moment, the table is nothing more than marketing claims made by portals. Claims that are not verified or substantiated in any way. For all we know the figures in the table could be complete fabrications. The facts are simple, most numbers presented in this table each month, when compared to independent third party measures, are grossly inflated. strongly supports the transparent reporting of traffic information to the industry, but does so using verified information. Should Bob choose to insist on a clear definition of the information he requires, and require that all information be verified by an independent third party, then would be happy to be a part of any industry comparisons

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