Property Owners in Spain Targeted By Conservatives

  • 14 years ago
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Conservatives Abroad in Spain are targeting British home owners in Spain in a bid to secure vital votes for the upcoming general election. The Conservatives are encouraging overseas residents to vote as they feel that overseas property owners are more inclined to vote Conservative.
 The power of the estimated 5 million British citizens living abroad could make all the difference in such a close run election. In Spain there are upwards of 1 million British expats who own homes but only 18,000 registered to vote in the last general election four years ago.
British overseas home owners who have lived abroad for less than 15 years are entitled to cast their vote in UK Parliamentary elections
 “The majority of British expats are natural Tory voters,” explained Paul Gordon, Hon Secretary of Conservatives Broad’s Madrid branch.
“British citizens living overseas have found themselves worse off under Labour, income from pensions have dropped between 30 and 40 per cent alone, and now is the time to change that,” he said.
“We can make a difference but we are running out of time. There is a unique opportunity to be seized here but people must go through the bureaucratic process of registering or risk disenfranchisement.”
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