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The UK based overseas property website which carries over 200,000 listings announced that Brazil is the firm favorite with international investors. CEO Nicholas Marr confirms the demand with international real estate investors relating this to the uncertainty in the banking system and numerous positive indicators for the region.
One of the indicators that seem to point favourably to Brazil for international real estate buyers was an increase in the number of international departures from Brazilian airports in April, 2009, according to the National Civil Aviation Agency (ANAC). April saw a 3.5 percent increase in international flights when compared to the same period in 2008. The number of passengers per flight also went up slightly as well
The first two months of 2009 have seen the tourism sector in Brazil experience a substantial increase, thanks in part to increased domestic travel. The Brazilian Tourism Ministry estimated that revenue in the tourism sector grew 20 percent in the first two months of the year.
Hotel occupancy was up 23 percent for the time period when compared to a year earlier, with Carnival drawing immense crowds and nearly sold out rooms. Rio de Janeiro welcomed some 2.55 million visitors in January and February, 50,000 more than last year.
Nicholas Marr CEO of overseas property website “Our Brazilian property section has been the No.1 place for thousands of visitors each day, June 09 saw Brazil beat all 70 regions that we cover in both visitors numbers and actual investor enquiries. It seems low prices, good infrastructure and some good packaging by developers is making the region irresistible. International investors are receiving poor returns from the Banks and still remain uncertain about stocks and shares,  they feel that real estate could well be the perfect vehicle for their investment “
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