Property in Spain & France still the most popular

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The latest report from a leading
overseas property portal has found that property in Spain and France remains
the most popular with British buyers. The top two most searched for destinations
are the popular European countries, with US property in third place.

We examine the most recent report
here and a leading Spanish property expert tells us why he believes Spain
remains the most popular choice with Brits.

Spanish property remains the most popular with British buyers

The report found that the most
searched destinations for British people looking at property to buy overseas
remain Spain, France and the United States. However, as it is a quiet time of
year, fewer searches overall took place. Almost two in five nations saw a
decrease in the number of online searches for its property.

The next most popular
destinations for Brits searching for overseas property were Portugal, Italy and

“As the colder weather draws in
across the UK, users have been looking at beating the winter blues by browsing
some of the tens of thousands of properties for sale across the globe. In
November we saw an increase in searches for properties in long haul
destinations, such as India, Australia and Canada,’ said Shameem Golamy from
the website that conducted the research.

“I’m not surprised that Spanish
property remains the most popular with British buyers,” says Nick Marr,
director of overseas property specialist Homes Go Fast. “Prices in the country
have fallen sharply and this, coupled with the pound regaining some strength
against the euro, has led to a fall in the cost of Spanish property.

“Many Spanish owners are turning
to our website to sell property online as they know there is an appetite from
British buyers looking for an overseas property bargain.”

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