Property in Cape Verde Will Still Boom

  • 16 years ago
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Cape Verde is one of the world’s most popular real estate markets, and the government has issued a statement that it hopes will calm any investor fears and keep the islands growing. The African islands have a wonderful environment and that has helped to spur growth in recent years. But it has also led to fears that there may be too much of a good thing, and there have been worries that the government may slow or stop sales of land to foreigners.
Economy Minister Fatima Fialho recently took steps to stop the rumours, releasing a statement on future plans: “The policy of this Government is to promote foreign investment and negotiations with each promoter will continue to be the same. Every time there is an investor proposal, either national or from overseas, it will be analyzed,’ she said. She added that the government was committed to protecting the environment as the beaches and natural beauty are an important part of the country and her government’s policies.
Many new hotels and resort developments are currently under way on the archipelago of 9 inhabited islands that are located approximately 450 kilometers off the west coast of Africa. With all the new property development, there is also a large investment in infrastructure. The recently opened Praia International Airport (RAI) just outside the capital city of Praia makes travel to the islands even easier, and several new roads are under construction or have been finished.
With the islands booming, tourism and international investment are expected to continue to grow for the foreseeable future.
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