Property for sale in Trinidad and Tobago to benefit from Chinas $1 Billion loan

  • 13 years ago
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Property for sale in Trinidad and Tobago will benefit from
China’s offer to loan $1 billion to Caribbean countries.

The vast sum of money has been offered by China as the country
seeks to strengthen its relationship with the Caribbean and support the
struggling economic climate. Countries including Trinidad and Tobago have seen
little growth in the economy recently, because the USA and Europe are travelling less as a result of
their own financial woes.

Speaking last week at a meeting between Chinese and
Caribbean officials in Trinidad’s capital, Port of Spain, Vice Premier Wang
Qishan said: “China cannot develop itself in isolation of the world and the
world needs China for its development.”

According to CNBC, trade between China and the Caribbean has
increased by 24 per cent annually, as China seeks to invest in developing
countries with high levels of debt, including a multi-billion dollar sum
offered to Africa.

The latest offer to the Caribbean follows China’s investment
in a $2.6 billion resort in the Bahamas. As the economy welcomes the
heavyweight stimulus, property for sale in Trinidad and Tobago should soon be attracting
other foreign investors too.

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