Property at Lake Como Italy attracts Hollywood stars

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Lake Como, Italy has long been a popular place for tourists from all over the world, with its spectacular shoreline, alpine mountains reaching to the sky on all sides and its close proximity to major cities like Milan (Milano.) This part of the world has also attracted international property investors who want a home that is beautiful, secluded and still within easy reach of the major airports that can get them wherever they need to go quickly.
American actor George Clooney has long lived in this area, and is an honorary citizen of the town of Laglio. Mr Clooney plays Danny Ocean in his latest movie Oceans 13  where his gang  look to pull off their most ambitious and riskiest casino heist yet. His Italian villa lies north of the town of Como on the western side of the lake. Clooney has noted in letters to the local paper that Laglio is the most beautiful town in the world and the people are warm and kind. Now, it seems as if Richard Gere has also been attracted to the wonders of Lake Como, according to an article in Italy Magazine ( ). He is planning a vacation here and is looking for the ideal location.
There is plenty of property for sale around the Lake, and not all of it is for movie stars and millionaires. In the center of the lake, where it splits off into the three arms that form the lake is the most popular place for visitors and home seekers. The towns of Varenna, Bellagio, and Managgio form the golden triangle on the lake. Each town sits on a different side of the lake, and there are numerous ferries between them daily.
Overseas property investors are being attracted to the region that is tipped to see prices soar in the next few years. Low cost flights to nearby Milan and the beauty of the area has made the area popular with visitors. One off plan development currently nearing completion on its first phase sits in the hills above Varenna, on the eastern shore at the heart of the region. There are a number of apartments for sale in these villas and they all have excellent amenities. One and two bedroom apartments are going for as low as £175,000, and there are also 4 bedroom penthouses for £490,000. These prices are amazingly low for this pricey area and should expect to appreciate significantly in the coming years. Investors can now buy into  in one of the most prestigious places in Europe and join the stars
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