Promise seen in German property

Brits looking for overseas property investments could see fresh opportunities in Germany as the country’s economy continues to improve.

Although this overseas property market is probably one to watch in the long-term, Assets News is reporting that house price increases could take it to the top of the European league by the end of the decade.

The growth potential is largely due to the number of people who currently own their property in Germany, which is actually under half (40 per cent).

This compares to around 80 per cent of people living in the UK and Ireland, while in the capital Berlin only 17 per cent of people own their homes.

In spite of placing it at the bottom of the pile based on fourth quarter figures, Liam Bailey, Knight Frank head of residential research said the situation in Germany could improve dramatically in the years to come.

Bulgaria is another country in Europe tipped to become a property hotspot as investors continue to show interest in the prospect of further house price rises.

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