Posh and Becks typical British overseas property buyers

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Overseas property investors don’t come much bigger than celebrity couple David and Victoria Beckham. Posh and Becks like many Brits love to buy property abroad in fact the UK Office of National Statistics indicate British expatriate numbers increase annually and have been doing so for the last 10 years.


The British buy property abroad for numerous reasons including a desire to get away from the rat race, the unpredictable British weather and for some a chance to spend the equity they have acquired in their homes. Increasingly first time buyers who find it impossible to buy a home in the UK are now getting on the property ladder overseas. The Beckhams position is slightly different with David winning a 5-year $250 million soccer deal with the LA Galaxy.


Like many luxury home owner’s privacy is top on the agenda and for those selling a luxury property it is a great selling point. The Beckhams new 22 million Dollar home in BeverleyHills offers perfect privacy David says that the couple like to escape from the world in their home and strip down into their birthday suits. She said, “It’s a light, happy house, with a great corridor the kids are going to love when they are roller skating.” Once living abroad the typical Brit will miss family and some favourite British foods . Davids reply to what he would miss was not untypical he said “I will miss pie and mash, fish and chips. There are many things I will miss about England, but the weather isn’t bad here.”


The area that Victoria Beckham choose for her family to live is Beverly Hills  Los Angeles. The famous LA address has been home for numerous Hollywood Stars including Clark Gable, Ronald Reagan,  Tony Curtis, Fred Astaire, Charlie Chaplin and the list goes on.


Unlike most expats the Beckhams brought to their new neighbourhood the worlds press and some serious hype which will all serve to make the warts-and-all interview with NBC and Posh Spice reality show a big hit .


The Posh Spice TV show will be called “Victoria Beckham: Coming to America,”

British Beckham fans will get a preview on UK TV channel ITV1.Viewers will see the mum-of-three house-hunting, taking her driving test, hiring a new personal assistant, and of course, shopping. The programme-makers say it offers a unique insight into the extraordinary life of one of the world’s most talked-about women.


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