Portuguese property performing well in Europe

The market for Portuguese property is still a healthy and popular one, according to the latest research from currency specialist HiFX.

Overseas property investors appear to be maintaining their interest in the Iberian country, despite strong competition from established areas such as France and Spain and emerging countries like Bulgaria and Croatia.

People from the UK are particularly interested in the country’s south coast, the popular Algarve area, according to the study, and its consistent performance makes it an attractive region for buy-to-let investors.

Mark Bodega, marketing director for HiFX, said: “Along with countries like France and Spain, Portugal is in the first tier of popular destinations with British property investors.

While it doesn’t promise the huge returns in terms of capital growth that some of the emerging markets do, Portugal has a stable economy and strong rental sector due to the small army of Brits that holiday in the Algarve each year.

Prices in the Portuguese property sector and other markets are believed to be fairly solid at the current time, with demand continuing unabated despite rising interest rates in the UK and the eurozone.

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