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 Alentejo Portugal the new Tuscany

A leading Australian travel journalist has spent a month in the region extolling the many reasons why you would want to buy a property in Portugal.‘The Tuscany of 30 years ago’

Alentejo – Portugal’s central region – stretches from the Algarve in the south to the River Tagus in the north.  It is one of Portugal’s largest but least populated regions which has made it increasingly attractive to British home buyers looking for an overseas property that offers them a slower pace of life.

Kate Armstrong, writing in the Sydney Morning Herald, says: “People say the Alentejo is ‘Tuscany of 30 years ago’. This is a compliment for the largest and least-populated region of Portugal, whose traditions, beautiful landscapes, delicious regional cuisine and ‘slow-lane’ lifestyle have for too long gone unrecognised.”

The journalist spent four weeks travelling through the region visiting the beautiful cities of Beja and Evora as well as many of the beautiful villages throughout Alentejo.

The Alentejo region

Ms Armstrong’s Sydney Morning Herald travelogue through Alentejo, says that the area covering much of the bottom half of Portugal, “has its own charms: whitewashed cottages with bright blue trimmings; golden plains; fields of red, purple and yellow wildflowers; and more hilltop fortresses than at a Lego convention.”

With the region being known as the ‘bread basket of Portugal’, it is a largely agricultural area.  Property prices in the region are much lower than tourist areas such as the Algarve or the SilverCoast and if you buy in an Alentejan village, you will get to experience life as a local.

With the area attracting both Government investment and interest from British homebuyers, it may not be a ‘hidden gem’ for long.  As Ms Armstrong says in her excellent article, “Alentejo deserves to be on the map. My advice is get there soon.”



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