Portugal Third in Pleasurable Rankings

  • 15 years ago
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A unique survey from ice cream company Magnum shows that Portugal ranks third in the world in terms of the level of pleasure enjoyed by its citizens. The survey was based on ten different categories and resulted in an overall “Pleasure Quotient.” Columbia came out on top with a score of 136, followed closely by Mexico at 135 and Portugal at 129. The new survey is yet another indicator that Portugal is an ideal choice for overseas property investors and tourists.


Magnum has posted its survey online and more than 111,000 have taken it so far. It was developed by psychology professor Alex Linley of LeicesterUniversity, and is designed to measure the frequency and intensity of ten categories of pleasure. These categories are taste, relaxation, self-accomplishment, adrenalin, group activities, sounds, smells, solo activities, vision and touch.


Columbia, Mexico and Portugal are the top three pleasurable countries, followed by Turkey. The bottom of the list has New Zealand and France. The survey can be found online at www.mymagnum.co.uk.


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